Gallon Man knows Great Behavior Measures Up!
Positive Reinforcement is what it's all about when you're lookin' to nurture "Respectful Relationships" and learn about liquid measurement too:-) 

Buy or make Gallon Man.  Make another copy of the cups, pints, quarts, and gallon shapes that make up Gallon Man.  Put velcro on the pieces and store the pieces in a ziplock bag somewhere near Gallon Man.  Ask members of your learning community to add cups, pints, etc. to Gallon Man when "Good Things" are observed!  Once all 16 cups have been traded in for 8 pints and 8 pints have been traded in for 4 quarts and 4 quarts have been traded in for 1 gallon it's time for a celebration!

Chant the following ditty anytime you deal with Gallon Man:

Two cups
equal a pint
Two pints
equal a quart
Four quarts
equals a gallon
Equals a gallon
Equals a gallon
Equals a gallon
(as you chant hold up fingers to indicate the number)



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